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At Hometown Family Dentistry, our roots run deep here in Tennessee. We pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of dental excellence while fostering real connections with the people who make our city so special. Our goal is to inspire, make a difference, and leave behind a bright path to the future for the community that paved the way for us. Day in and day out, it’s our absolute honor to serve you and your loved ones!

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Hometown Family Dentistry in Collesville

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Meet Dr. Halliburton

Dr. John Wesley Halliburton is a dentist, husband, father, and friend who truly enjoys being a part of his patients’ lives. As a Tennessee native, Cookeville and the people who encompass it are the very fabric of his practice. He loves meeting his patients on a personal level, learning their stories, and giving them lifelong bright smiles they feel excited about. If you’re looking for a Cookeville dentist who really cares, Dr. Halliburton is here for you with his rich expertise and candid, warmhearted guidance every step of the way.

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Hometown Family Dentistry in Collesville

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